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On & off trucker hats

This is Us


On&Off is about the contrast, and also about balance.

You can be on, you can be off.  Digital or analog, lover, fighter, both or nothing. Times are changing...

The revolution starts in your head, so you better wear a hat.

On&Off is a hats & apparel original design company.

Making unique hats, environmentally conscious, sustainable production processes. ​


On&Off was founded by three friends, Two bald gentlemen and a big-haired lady. The three shared the same dream of creating a new hat label that makes hats differently.



We use Organic Cotton and recycled PET Polyester.


All our products are free of animal-derived ingredients.



All hats are sent in recycled or composable packaging.

Materials & Agenda

Hats that are made to last. 

We don't believe in fast fashion. Our hats don't follow trends that will disappear one season after. 

Bold designs, yet classic. Simple yet sophisticated. 

While made for the strongest, finest materials,

On&Off hats are designed to become your favorite timeless accessory.

Created with a conscience.

All hats fabrics and delivery packaging are made with environmentally friendly materials.

All of the polyester and plastic parts are made out of recycled PET bottles, and those are the same drinking bottles you trough in the recycle bin, turned into woven polyester.
Our cotton is organic, OCIA International Organic Certification. This means that the cotton plants weren't genetically modified and grown without synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides, which promote biodiversity and biological cycles.

Our delivery bags may look like plastic and will keep your hats safe. At the same time, they travel to you but are made out of Biodegradable material (corn starch) and meant to find their final destination in your Bio recycle bin.

Cotton Plant
Trash on Beach


We use recycled PET bottles for our fabrics .


Our Cotton fabric are all organic, chemicals free. 



Our hats are proudly designed in Berlin, and shipped from Tel-Aviv. 

Image by Ethan Bodnar
Writing on a Notebook

Affordable product price.


We believe that everyone deserves to buy sustainable, quality fashion. In order to make that possible; creating the best hats with the highest standards, at a reasonable price, we picked our suppliers very carefully. 

It was important for us to find a factory that will be a partner - that is both professional and produced the highest-quality hat, as well as a transparent and fair employer. 


Our factories, located in China and Vietnam were among the first to pass international testing standards and WRAP certified. They hold employee rights and welfare protection, Improve income, and a healthy and safe work environment.

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